The first Coaster Con was held June 9-11, 1978, at Busch Gardens: The Old Country in Williamsburg, Virginia, with just over 50 enthusiasts in attendance. Convention events included two days of lectures, film and slide shows, exhibits, models and, of course, visits to Busch Gardens, all for an $8.00 registration fee. It was during this convention that enthusiasts got to experience the first-ever exclusive ride time (ERT) on the Loch Ness Monster. That Sunday morning, a new organization was born out of an impromptu meeting of about fifteen individuals who attended the first business meeting. New officers were elected and the name American Coaster Enthusiasts was chosen from a list of suggestions that included American Coaster Riders, United States Coaster Enthusiasts, Roller Coaster Club of America, International Coaster Club, American Coaster Hobbyists and National Coaster Enthusiasts. Since that time ACE’s convention, Coaster Con, has been held every year at various parks across the country.

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The first group photo taken at Coaster Con I

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