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Coaster Con is the flagship event of American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE). This site features everything there is to know about Coaster Con, from the very latest news about future ACE conventions to a complete history of previous ones, along with photo albums.

Typically held the third or fourth week of each June, Coaster Con usually lasts five to seven days. Numerous exclusive ride time (ERT) sessions that allow attendees to ride coasters before and after the park is open to the public make for shorter lines and enthusiastic camaraderie. However, Coaster Con is far more than just riding some of the nation’s most exciting roller coasters. Presentations, workshops, behind-the-scenes tours, a photo contest and a video contest are just some of the activities one finds at Coaster Con. A gala banquet, where dignitaries from the amusement industry appear as featured keynote speakers, is one of the event’s highlights.

To view the Coaster Con annual reports, please click on this link: https://aceonline.org/annualreport


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